We are the „Evangelische Kirchengemeinde Hennen“ (Protestant Church Hennen). We are a german protestant church which belongs to the „Evangelische Kirche von Westfalen“ (Protestant Church of Westfalia conference) and the „Kirchenkreis Iserlohn“ (Iserlohn association).

We live at the north/western edge of the rural area of „Sauerland“; the industrial Ruhr-area is also very close. Our historical roots go back to the late middle age. In post reformation time, our church and most of the Hennen citizens became prostestant. During that time (1733-1948) there was a lutheran and a reformed church, which both used the „Johanneskirche“ as there place to worship. Since 1949 we have been a united protestant church.

Today we worship in two different churches in Hennen and Kalthof. The Johanneskirche (John´s church) in Hennen, built in 1150 and the Jakobuskirche (James church) in Kalthof built in 1966. We have a good ecumenical partnership with the catholic church in Hennen and Kalthof.

Pastor Christine Grans welcomes you to John´s church on Sundays. The same does Pastor Brigitte Zywitz in Kalthof. A retired Pastor and 5 praedicants/laypreachers join the team.

Besides a normal service we have different services, a parent and child service, children´s service (sunday school), youth services in special times and a variety of different services for adults.

In addition, we have lot´s of groups for children, adults and elderly people; including our children- & youth-choir the Happy Voices. The youth work in Hennen is managed by the CVJM (YMCA). They have groups for kids and youth. There are groups for adults and elderly like talking groups, meetings or choirs.

The Presbyterium (the board) leads the parish and is elected all four years by the members. Our Kindergarten (preschool) where 65 children age 2-6 are educated, makes our parish life fresh and lively.

We have a partnership for over 30 years with the protestant church in Vuga/Tanzania. Some visit´s have been made and there is a sponsoring program where both sides are profiting.

If there is any information you miss in english language and you think we should put on this website – contact us.

If you are on this website for a genealogy reason, or another reason where you would like to get in contact with us, please feel free to do so under englishdontospamme@gowaway.evkg-hennen.de.

Marco Brost

A Special THANK YOU to my friend Shirley Richter from Delavan, WI, USA, bringing this site to understandable english.

Wir sind für Sie da

Ev. Kirchengemeinde Hennen


Auf der Palmisse 5
58640 Iserlohn
Tel.: 02304/5498
Fax: 02304/5330

Sparkasse Iserlohn  -  IBAN DE75 4455 0045 0006 0009 88
Volksbank Schwerte - IBAN DE51 4416 0014 0070 0058 00



Montag, Donnerstag, Freitag
von 9-11 Uhr,
für Friedhofsangelegenheiten
donnerstag 12:30 - 14.30 Uhr

Geänderte Öffnungszeiten in den Herbstferien:

   - geöffnet am 05. und 06.10. von 9-11 Uhr
   - vom 9. bis 13.10. geschlossen.
Die Hausmeisterin Frau Lindheim
ist in der Zeit vom 29.09.-08.10. nicht erreichbar.

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